About Safetyman

Ours is a company in which exciting ideas and modern methods are coupled with more than eighty years of practical experience. We are committed to excellence in all of our endeavours. Our aim is to be at the forefront in innovation and design and second to none in quality, knowledge and service. For over three quarters of a century, we have been guided by these principles.

The patents, registered designs and copyright graphics held by the company attest to original thinking by generations of Safetyman people.

The standard of pipe markers, in use today follows the original Safety registered Design, made universally available by the company and incorporated into the Australian Standard. Safetyman is proudly 100 % Australian owned and operated, one of the few Australian companies in the industry.

Moreover we are recognised as good corporate citizens. This is evidenced by the committees of Standards Australia on which we have served, the number of apprentices we have trained and support we have offered to industry based associations.

Compliance with Standards, Codes and Regulations is an absolute priority at Safetyman. We realise that our customers cannot be expected, nor can they afford the time to be researching the multitude of graphical requirements imposed on industry by governments and other authorities. We keep ourselves informed so that you do not have to worry.